How Liquid Biotin Vanilla Drops Help To Support Growth Of Hair, Nail, and Skin Tissues?


Biotin deficiency can lead to severe hair fall, weakened nails, and related skin issues. However, true Biotin deficiency can be combat through a balanced diet and dietary supplements. According to NIH, the recommended daily adequate intake (AI) of Biotin is 30 mcg for adults above 19 years. Biotin supplements are known to be very effective for the treatment of hair fall in recent years. It stimulates hair growth, strengthens the nail, improves skin texture, and supports thickened hair. However, it is very important to determine the actual cause of hair fall before using dietary Biotin supplements.

Dietary Biotin supplements stimulate hair growth between 0.2 and 0.7 inches per month. There are multiple causes of hair fall including age, depression, poor diet, prolonged stress, imbalanced hormones, medical ailments, and genetics. Approximately, 95% of hair fall in men is caused by an imbalance in androgenetic alopecia. Likewise, the main cause of hair fall in women is either depression or imbalanced hormones. Therefore, consult a certified physician to identify the root cause of hair fall and start recommended medications.

Liquid Biotin Vanilla:

Liquid Biotin Vanilla is a liquid dietary supplement that promotes healthy hair, skin, and nails growth. It is formulated with essential vitamin-B7 complex, amino acids, minerals, and proteins for optimal hair, skin, and nail growth. It works by supporting vital fatty acid metabolism to supply the required energy to cells for growth. As it does not contain artificial preservatives, it is suitable for everyone. Liquid Biotin Vanilla drops are formulated in the USA and approved by cGMP-certified facility and FDA for promoting hair growth.

30 ml of these drops contain 5000 mcg of Biotin. The absorption power of Biotin supplements in liquid form is greater than in solid form. In liquid form, the absorption power if approximately 95% while in solid form the absorption power is 10-25%. These hair growth drops are very simple to consume. Take approximately half dropper daily before or after meals. Swallow it directly or place it in the mouth. Get fuller, thicker, and denser hair with this dietary Biotin supplement. However, consume food rich in minerals, vitamins, and proteins along with this supplement to support hair growth. Say goodbye to baldness today!


  1. No artificial preservatives
  2. Vegan friendly
  3. Make hair fuller and thicker
  4. Promote healthy skin
  5. Strengthen nail growth
  6. Support healthy metabolism
  7. Support essential body functions
  8. Available in delicious vanilla flavor

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